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Website Update
If you are not currently connected to our ClassDojo, it is important to email me.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

As you all know, school will be closed until at least April 14th. During this time, I will be updating the website frequently with ideas and activities that you can do at home.  I have also added our grade level instructional calendars in the 'files' section of the website so you can stay up to date with what we have been learning so far in third grade. I have reached out to many of you  through the HUB email system and class dojo.  Please encourage your child to e-mail me at the contact listed below any time.  They can type me a letter, tell me about their day, write a poem, send a picture, etc.  I will check my e-mail daily so that I can respond.  This is one small way that we can all stay connected while we wait to return to a normal schedule.  I hope you are all staying healthy and I will look forward to hearing from you as necessary.  
This week, the best websites and apps to use would be Myon, Dreambox, and IXL.  All of these can be accessed through  If you need any assistance with logging into clever please send me an email or message on class dojo and I will help you!  Below you will find a brief synopsis of what we have been learning and along with activities and ideas that you can use to support these topics.  There will also be a section of daily activities that you can complete.  

Daily Activities

Clever Apps (dreambox, IXL, MyOn, anything else)
Anything put up on Class Dojo
What Are We Learning
Language Arts
We have been working on poetry this week.  Our goal is to draw conclusions, identify theme, and identify the narrator in each poem.
We have been using to identify how many lines, how many stanzas, who the speaker is, the main idea, setting, characters, problem, and solution.  There are also poems on MYON.

This week we were finishing up our unit on geometry.  Students need to know the names of polygons, up to 10 sides. (Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, and Decagon). We were also working on identifying congruent and noncongruent shapes.  Congruent shapes are any shapes that are exactly the same shape and size.  They were also working on classifying polygons.  What does it take to be called a polygon? (Closed shape, straight sides, 2-D shape, and no intersecting lines)
Science and Social Studies
We were just about to  start a science unit on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.  There are 10  ecosystems that students need to know: marsh, swamp, pond, stream, river, ocean, forest, desert, rainforest, and grassland.
Students need to be able to identify living and nonliving things in each ecosystem as well as analyze and explore food chains and animal relationships in each.
There will be a MyON assignment posted soon for students to read and explore these different ecosystems.  There is also near pod lessons for the students to be able to explore these different ecosystems.