June 2018
It's been a great year! We have finished up our SOLs and all of our units of study. Enjoy your summer students!

April 2018
This month we are really focused on preparing for our SOLs. We will have a reading SOL April 1st and a math SOL April 8th!

August 2017
Welcome back to a great new school year! We will be working hard on our reading, math, science, and social studies skills. We will be working on classroom rules and procedures as well as some practice with place value in math. 

May 2017
Our year is quickly coming to a close and SOLs are quickly approaching! Make sure students are attending school and focusing during their time here. We will have our reading SOL May 17th and 18th and our math SOL May 23rd. Make sure students have a good night sleep and a good breakfast. We will be having a pep rally to get the students pumped up for the tests on Friday, May 5th! We are so excited for students to put their knowledge to the test on the SOLs. In science we are working on energy and in math we are working with data and probability.

April 2017
In math we have been working hard with fractions. There is also an after school program that will begin in May for all students that wish to attend. This will give students extra text prep skills for their upcoming tests. Please note that we have spring break from April 7-17!

January 2017
Happy new year and welcome back students and parents! This month can get pretty busy, so make sure to take note of our days off: Monday, January 16th, Friday, January 20th, Monday, January 30th, and a half day for conferences on Friday, January 27th. We are also nearing the end of the grading period for the second nine weeks. In math, we have begun the first of two of our geometry units where the students are working with 2D shapes, points, rays, lines, and measurement. In reading, we are focusing on story elements such as plot, characters, and setting. In social studies we are working on our economics unit. 

December 2016
We are continuing our learning on multiplication and division this month in math. In reading we are focusing on nonfiction text features. In science we are learning about simple machines and their uses. Interums will be given to students on the last day before Christmas break

October 2016
This week we have no school on Monday, October 10th for Columbus Day! In math we are still working on our second place value unit. This will last until October 28th. We just finished up science and have begun our next social studies unit: Famous Americans. There will be a project coming up for this! In reading we have started switching rooms and are still working on making predictions and asking questions. Interim reports will go home Tuesday, October 11th and papers regarding conferences will go home later this week.